Hello, I’m Jill Broadhacker
the creative behind Jilly Jack Designs

I’m an illustrator, designer and printmaker. I live and work from my 1898 victorian home in a small town in the middle of Indiana. I’m a mom to one great young man named Jack, a wife to Dave, a super supportive husband and loving owner of Big Girl, a good ole rescue dog. In addition to collecting letterpress equipment, I love collecting old cameras, globes, maps and typewriters. I guess I love old stuff!

I’ve been a graphic designer for well over 25 years. My creative journey has included years of advertising agency work, owner of a small batch stationery company which has since evolved into a career as an illustrator and letterpress printmaker. I work digitally in Adobe Illustrator as well as Photoshop. I’m happiest creating art that is a bit quirky and sometimes bright and always with a positive vibe.

If you’d like to work with me, please contact Jill Krueger at A Fresh Bunch.

Thanks for visiting!